Thank You For Supporting YOUR Local Community!

Thank you for saving the planet & your country with your interest in buying Handmade, local production!

Patrick and Marie met at the university craft studio in 2007 during their undergraduate studies.  They fell in love and adopted two shelter kittens.

In the early 2008 economic recession, they lost their jobs at the university and their scholarships.  They started making ceramics together in their home and teaching close friends the love of creating pottery.  This developed into “Not Made in China Pottery Studio”; where they taught over 50,000 individuals out of their home (and that’s not including reoccurring students nor studio members). They created commissioned, handcrafted table-wares for various businesses and private individuals, as well as creating and selling other fine arts.  People and organizations traveled across the states and globe to study at Not Made in China Pottery Studio, where people would obtain skills in one lesson that most might grasp in a lifetime.

Creating the original maker-space of Albuquerque, Not Made in China Pottery Studio offered classes and studio space for various arts & crafts—complete with all necessary tools, materials, and education required.  They would never turn away anyone who couldn’t afford studio memberships, they always found a way for everyone to create and make art in a safe and scared environment. They also ran gallery space dedicated to selling handmade, local arts & crafts, and became a place for many to sell their work.  They would host numerous fine art shows, as well as, arts and craft shows open to everyone.  They would train many artisans over the years who became self-sufficient with their craft—giving them the skills to not only create, but to create their own studio spaces and numerous avenues to sell their craft.

In 2008, Not Made in China Pottery Studio formed to build a better business with a cause: creating affordable, artisan quality products while creating quality jobs in Our Community.  We enjoy creating a place for meaningful work, in particular for elders, youths, and disabled persons who desperately want to prove their value to society. We seek to provide work, skills, and support for those looking to shape a better life for themselves & their families through the creation and selling of handicrafts.

Today, bestowing expertise from around the globe, our growing staff and volunteers, reminds us how we are all connected in our humanity.  Thanks to you, we hope to build success greater than mere profits.

Not Made in China Pottery Studio is evolving again:  This time, into “HomeMade”, a non-profit.

Patrick and Marie are also focused now on creating fully-handmade tea-ware through “The Marie’s Teas”; focused on providing tea nerds & enthusiasts, like us, handmade tea bowls & pots, affordably experience exceptional functionality through the finest. Marie currently enjoys studying/teaching global tea arts, painting murals, graphic design work, DDR, listening to J-Pop, but most of all her kittens and husband, Patrick. She designed the logo & Tasting Cups for “The World Tea & Music Festival”. She currently holds a black belt in Shaolin Kungfu, and seeks licenses in Urasenke Chado, Lu Yu Gongfu, & Wuwo Tea Arts. Patrick’s currently in grad school for language literacy and socio-culture studies.

“We Hope our Passion comes through in our products.

We wish peace and happiness to reach you, through our work.

Thank you for supporting our Small, Family Business. 

We are so grateful to you. With all of our hearts, Thank you”

We Love Our Work.. Enjoy.  And Thank You So Much,

-Patrick & Marie-


Let’s Bring production back to America, together!

Not Made in China Pottery Studios

915 Yale Blvd SE ABQ NM 87106  505.243.0228

HomeMade 501(c)(3)

915 Yale Blvd Se ABQ NM 87106


Handcrafted with Pride. Made in America.

Our Ceramics are food, oven, and microwave safe!

No Heavy Metals or Leads Present!

Our Wares are Completely Handmade from scratch 

(Clay, Glaze, and Forms)! 

Thusly, We recommend handwashing as you would with all finery.

HandMade: The New American Manufacturing

Handmade is Worth More.

Numerous experiments show that people value objects more highly when it contains an “air of authenticity,” for example, a work of art. 

This means that artisan products, be they jewelry or jam, 

have more value in society.

Handmade is More Sustainable

Mass production means bulk buying and this forces the lowering of prices down the line, mainly in the production of raw materials.

Handmade is The Real Thing

Handcrafted Products Are Unique and Timeless.

High Street shops want their product to replicate the handmade feel, 

but it’s a fake.

Handmade Keeps Craft Skills Alive

Handcrafted Supports Skilled Work.

We are facing lost skills, the demise of handcrafts and a real loss of our cultural identity. Buying handmade ensures traditional craft skills are kept alive and creates a demand for education.

Thank You For Supporting YOUR Local Community!

Thank you for being you!